Best Power Steering Stop Leak Reviews & Buying Guide

When it comes to finding the best power steering stop leak, a person really has their work cut out. This is because there are so many options on the market, and only a few of them are any good. On this page, we aim to write about the right power steering leak sealer products on the market.

how to use

It is important to note that no matter how brilliant a product is for dealing with leaks, it is not going to be a permanent solution. There is no leak sealing product on the market which will permanently deal with a leak in the power steering of a vehicle. These products are more to provide a ‘stop gap’ while a person is able to find a mechanic to deal with the power steering issue properly.

Remember; all the while the vehicle’s power steering is leaking, it is going to be virtually impossible to use. If a vehicle has power steering, then it would be wise to keep a quality product in the trunk of a vehicle. This way it is handy should a person run into an issue and need to have the power steering leak quickly dealt with.

The products found on this page have been selected based on the quality that they offer. These are the ones that have been proven to keep leaks in power steering at bay for as long as possible. Any product on this page is worth the money.

How to use ?

Thankfully, it is incredibly simple to use power steering stop leak. The main issue people will face will be working out that their power steering pump is leaking in the first place.

As the car gets older, the O-rings that are around the tubing related to the steering will start to wear down. This is a natural process and can’t be avoided. As they start to wear down, the fluid inside of the steering will start to leak out. It will also result in a severe loss of pressure which will hamper the ability of the steering to function.

Leaking steering pump will make it impossible to turn the vehicle with the force needed, which can be dangerous while on the roads. If a top stop leak product is not used as soon as somebody spots that their steering is leaking, then the steering column could end up becoming damaged which is going to cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars to repair.

carIf a person is finding it increasingly difficult to steer their vehicle, then there is a good chance that their steering pump is leaking. If there is a moaning sound when the wheel is turned, then this is also an indicator that the steering is leaking. If action is not taken immediately, then there is a chance that the vehicle will stop working properly, and this is going to result in an incredibly high cost to repair it. Therefore, this is a problem which does need to be dealt with immediately.

Before a good stop leak product can be found, it is important that a person knows how that it can be used. Thankfully, it is pretty simple.

As mentioned, power steering pump issues are caused by the failings of an O-Ring. However, there will be no direct access to the O-Rings. Even a mechanic is going to find it incredibly tough to access the O-Rings, mostly because they are tucked out of the way and designed not to be touched.

What a person will have access to, however, is the power fluid reservoir. This is where the power steering fluid ‘lives’. This fluid will regularly be topped up by the mechanic when a vehicle is taken in for a service. It will naturally dwindle over time, but that is a story for another day.

The stop leak solution will be poured directly into the power reservoir. Now, when a person uses their vehicle, the stop leak will start to circulate around the power steering pump. The idea is that, over time, the no leak will help to strengthen up the O-rings that have been failing, which will extend the life of the vehicle’s steering. It should buy a person enough time for them to be able to obtain a quote from various companies who can come up with a more permanent solution.

This is not going to be an instant process. It will take around 200 miles before the O-Rings have their integrity fully restored, although how long it takes will be dependent on the product is chosen, and the review on this page will ensure that the right product is chosen for those who need something which is incredibly fast acting.

Top 10 Best Power Steering Stop Leak Reviews

There are a lot of people out there who will ask ‘does power steering stop leak work?’, and the truth is that the majority of products on the market do not actually work at all. They are duds. The editor of this site spent a lot of time and effort trying to track down the products which do work.

These are the products when poured into the steering will help to seal up the leaks. Many of these products can be a long-term solution, although it is still important that some time is spent speaking to a mechanic who will be able to provide further assistance on ensuring that the steering remains in tip-top condition.

Each of these products has the potential to be the best power steering fluid on the market. In fact, a person purchasing any one of the top products that follow will not be disappointed in them in the slightest. All will do the job and ensure that the steering is able to last as long as it possibly can last.

01. Bar’s Leaks Brown 1600 Power Steering Repair 16oz

This  is actually a two-part solution. The main job for Bar’s Leaks Brown will be to stop the leak that has already occurred. It is very fast-acting, and there will be a noticeable benefit within a few miles of using the product. Many people will note that the whirring sound in their vehicle will stop almost instantly.

One of the major benefits of this product is that not only will it correct a leak, but it also serves as a power steering fluid in its own right. It will help to recondition all the components, and many people find that their vehicle functions far better than it has done in years.

The one downside to this product is that it is somewhat more complicated to use. To use it properly, the entirety of the steering reservoir will need to be drained. This means a small steering pump will be required. However, this is not that much of a complicated task if a person has the equipment that they need to hand.

This is probably one of the most affordable of the best power steering leak products on the market.

What We Like
  • Gets to work almost instantly
  • Also helps to restore the condition of the vehicle
  • Helps to prevent future leaks
What We Ddn’t Like
  • A bit more difficult to use


For the ultimate in power steering system repair, this may be the best product on the market.

02. Bar’s Leaks 1630 Grey 

This product will function with any type of power steering leak fluid on the market. It is dead simple to use. This is what makes it a good choice. Simply pour it directly into the fluid reservoir, and the problem should start to correct itself within a few miles.

This is a fantastic rack and pinion stop leak, although it is also able to work on gearboxes and the like too.

It is important to note that the solution in this product is the same as the previous product, but it does not have the benefit of conditioning the system too. If the vehicle has not been serviced in a while, then it may be worth checking out the top product on this list instead. Not only will that help to deal with the leak, but it will help to repair other damage to the power steering column.

This is a very, very cheap solution. It still works, however.

What We Like
  • Simple to use
  • Quick and effective
  • Cheap
What We Ddn’t Like
  • Simply stocks leaks. Won’t recondition the system.


This is a cheap and effective product which should be able to work with all vehicle types.

03. ATP AT-205 Re-Seal

This is a stop leak solution which can be used in:

  • Power steering
  • Differentials
  • Transmissions
  • Engines
  • Hydraulic systems

This means that it is fantastic as an ‘all round’ product. It should be compatible with all types of oil too. It would be wise to purchase a couple of bottles of this because it means that there will always be something to hand to help repair a vehicle should there be issues with it.

One thing that is quite surprising is the size of the bottle. This is able to treat up to 6 quarts of oil, which means that it can be used to deal with a variety of different issues in a vehicle.

What We Like
  • Effective for numerous vehicle complaints
  • Fast acting
  • Works with all vehicles
What We Ddn’t Like
  • A bit on the expensive side


For a good ‘all round’ product, then there are very few products on the market which even come close to this.

04. Lucas Oil 10011 

This is exactly the same type of product which can be found in mechanics all over the world. However, this does mean that if somebody ends up purchasing this, they will need to buy it in slightly higher quantities than normal. For example; this is a four-pack.

That being said, this is probably one of the most-effective steering solutions on the market right now. When other stop leak products are not working, this often comes up trumps.

This is a thicker solution than the norm, which does help with the effectiveness. However, many people report that in some colder areas, it may not work quite as effectively. This is certainly a product for people who live in places where the temperatures do not drop too low.

For leaks that have been going on for a long time, this may be one of the best solutions on the market, albeit on the slightly more expensive side.

What We Like
  • Effective product
  • The thick solution means it gets to work quickly
What We Ddn’t Like
  • Expensive


While it is on the expensive side, this is probably one of the best products around right now.

05. HAPCO Products Pro-Seal

This product is the perfect solution for those who need to deal with leaks in any of the following:

  • Power steering units
  • Rack and pinion
  • Differentials
  • Any hydraulic system in any sort of product

Interestingly, this product has been on the market since the 1960s, and it has changed very little since then. This goes to show that the design of this product is incredibly effective. The other products found on this list are new, and while they work, they are still tinkering with the final product. This really is the ‘final form’.

There are no petroleum distillates in the Hapco products pro seal, which means there is no worry that the seals on the vehicle will disintegrate further. It gets to work incredibly quickly too, with the solution hitting peak efficiency after around 200 miles.

What We Like
  • Effective solution
  • Good ‘all round’ product
  • Does not clog
  • Gets to work quickly
What We Ddn’t Like
  • Expensive


For those looking for one of the most-effective stop leak solutions on the market, there is nothing better than this one.

06. Power Steering Stabilizer

This is not explicitly a stop leak solution. It is more for those who wish to give their steering system a boost, while at the same time having the benefit of leaks being stopped too.

It is quick and easy to use. Like most products from Bars, this can be poured directly into the steering reservoir and the benefits will be noticed almost immediately.

A lot of people do note that this is an incredibly effective solution. It is able to keep most leaks at bay. In fact, generally speaking, when this product is used, leaks can be kept at bay for up to two years. Of course, it is not recommended that a person waits this long to have the system professionally looked at, but it is going to provide a significant amount of leeway before a proper repair can be carried out.

What We Like
  • Incredibly effective. One of the most effective on the market, in fact.
  • Deals with most power steering issues.
What We Ddn’t Like
  • Somewhat on the expensive side


Quality power steering solution that should deal with most power steering leaks quickly and efficiently.

07. SILVERHOOK Stop Leak Automatic Transmission & Power Steering

This is a solution that has been produced in England. In fact, this is one of the most popular stop leak solutions in the country.

One of the major benefits of this product is that it can be used on transmission and power steering, which means that a person who purchases this will be able to get double the amount of use from it.

It has been designed to be a ‘long term’ solution, and will often get to work within a few miles of it being added to the steering mixture. It can be left inside of the steering fluid for as long as necessary. Unlike other products on the market, there is little to no chance that it will cause the O-Rings to deteriorate after constant contact with them.

It is dreadfully simple to use. It simply needs to be added directly into the steering reservoir, which will take less than a minute to do once it has been located.

What We Like
  • Effective solution
  • Simple to use
  • Can also be used on transmission
What We Ddn’t Like
  • Expensive


There is a reason why this is considered one of the best products in England. Very few out there are this effective.

08. Car Leaking Power Steering Fluid Rack Seal 

This product is also European. In fact, it comes from the home of quality engineering; Germany.

One of the major benefits of this product is how quickly it will get to work once it is used. Most people report that any slippage in their vehicle is dealt with as soon as the solution is added to the steering mixture. There will certainly be a complete elimination of vibration.

This can be mixed with all types of hydraulic fluid, although do bear in mind that it can only be used on power steering. It can’t be used on transmission and the like. However, many will see this as an advantage. When a product is made for a specific purpose, it tends to be far better for that specific purpose.

What We Like
  • German quality
  • Effective
  • Fast acting
  • Deals with almost all steering leakage issues.
What We Ddn’t Like
  • Can only be used with power steering
  • Expensive


If a person has a problem with their power steering that is far worse than normal, then this may be the perfect option.

09. HS Universal Power Steering Fluid 

This product is only available in a 12-pack. While it is incredibly effective, it is more a product that has been designed for those that work in mechanics and the like. Although, if a vehicle regularly leaks and there is no way to afford to deal with the problem right now, then this may be the perfect option.

One of the major benefits of this product over others on the market is the fact that it can work with incredibly low temperatures. It will not freeze at all. No matter how long it is left in the reservoir, it will also not thicken up, which will reduce the effectiveness.

This is a power steering fluid, which does mean that the reservoir will need to be pumped clean before this solution can be added. However, it is still one of the best power steering solutions on the market right now.

What We Like
  • Doubles as power steering fluid
  • Effective and fast acting
  • Can operate at low temperatures
What We Ddn’t Like
  • Only available in bulk.


While this product is only available as a bulk purchase, many people report it is one of the best products on the market for those that need to completely replace their power steering solution.

10. Motor Medic M2732 Universal Power Steering Fluid

This is a full steering solution. Not only will act as steering fluid, but it will also help to stop leaks.

While it has been specifically formulated for imported vehicles, there are few that it will not work with. As long as the vehicle is produced by one of the top vehicle manufacturers, then this will likely work with it.

Many people are put off by the price a little bit but do remember that this is an incredibly large bottle of power steering fluid and will easily last years and years of use. It is perfect for those that have huge leaks which need to be plugged quickly and easily.

What We Like
  • Huge bottle
  • Effective power steering solution
  • Effective leak ‘plugger’
What We Ddn’t Like
  • Expensive, large bottle
  • Will need to fully drain steering fluid to add this.


When a person needs a complete solution for their steering, there is no better product on the market than this one.

Buying Guide

There are a few things which will need to be considered when purchasing a stop leak product, and those are going to be detailed in this section. This will ensure that the correct product is always purchased.

Is stop leak required?

Power steering will always leak eventually. Even the most expensive cars in the world will have the O-Rings start to fail. If the following is noticed, then there is a chance stop leak is required:

  • Stiffness in steering
  • Fluid under the vehicle
  • Rapidly depleting amount of hydraulic fluid in the reservoir
  • Whirring sound while driving
  • Vibration while driving

However, it is worth pointing out that some problems are so serious that stop leak is not going to be the right option. If the power steering is leaking the hydraulic fluid at a rapid rate, then it is likely that the power steering is completely broken and needs to be tended to by a mechanic. If only a few drops are leaking, then it is the perfect time to use stop leak products.

Stop leak with power steering fluid

power streeing stop leak reviewsIdeally, the best solution will stop leak mixed with steering fluid. This is because if the system is leaking, then there is a chance that it has not been tended to properly over the years. This means that there may be more issues than just the leak.

Many people will purchase power steering fluid mixed with stop leak. In these products, they will have been specially formulated to give the power steering a complete overhaul. It will help to tune the system and will make it easier for the vehicle to be driven.

However; it is worth pointing out that these solutions are going to be a bit more difficult to use. With standard stop leak fluid, a small amount needs to be added to the reservoir and that is it. With stop leak mixed with power steering fluid, the entire reservoir will need to be drained so the new fluid can be added.

Multiple use fluid

A lot of the steering stop leak solutions on this product can be used in a variety of different situations. They are not just for those who need to deal with a leaking power steering fluid system. While it is going to cost a little bit more cash to purchase a product with multiple uses, it may be worth it in the long run, because if the power steering system on the vehicle is starting to break down, then chances are that the other parts of the vehicle will be doing the same shortly afterward.

Size of the bottle

If the leak is incredibly serious and a mechanic can’t be called out right away, then opt for a larger size of the bottle. This is because the fluid is unlikely to work right away. It will take around 200-miles before the leak is fully stopped. This means that the power steering fluid will need to be constantly replenished. It is wise to buy a larger bottle as it will save money in the long run.

Check it is right for the vehicle

While it is unlikely that a  product will not be right for a particular vehicle, it is always worth checking. This is something which is especially true for some of the older vehicles on the market.

Check the temperatures the solution can operate at

If a person lives in a very cold area, then it is important that a power steering solution that is able to operate at cold temperatures is selected.

Power steering stop leak FAQ

How to use lucas power steering stop leak

power streeingThis is all going to be dependent on the Lucas power steering leak solution product that has been purchased. For the most part, it is simply a case of knowing the amount of hydraulic fluid there is in the power steering system, then the exact right amount of leak solution will be poured into it. Then once a person starts to drive, the system will repair itself.

Is Power Steering Stop Fluid Leak safe?

Leak solution products are incredibly safe, providing they are used correctly. Since stop leak tends to be quite a thick solution, if too much is added to the power steering reservoir, then it could clog up the power steering which may make driving unsafe. However, assuming the right product is selected and the instructions for using it are followed to the letter, then there is no reason why this product would not be safe.

What can I use to stop power steering fluid leak?

There are special solutions which can be poured directly into the power steering reservoir. These solutions will help to add a bit of stability to the O-Rings, which may help to lock them up to the point that leaks are dealt with permanently.

How do I stop my BlueDevil power steering from leaking?

The best option will be to always talk to a mechanic. They will be able to provide a good solution for leaks. If a person requires something that will tide them over for a short while, then stop leak solutions like the ones on this page will always be the safest bet.

How much does it cost to fix a power steering fluid leaks?

Ideally, it should cost no more than it costs to buy the right stop leak product. For minor issues that are caught early on, then a decent leak prevention product is all that is really required. However, stop leak products are only ever designed to be a temporary solution. It may cost hundreds of dollars to completely deal with major power steering issues.


The products found on this page are, without a doubt, the best power steering stop leak products on the market. They have all proven their worth in the most intense of environments. This list will be kept ‘up to date’ with any new, brilliant power steering solutions which have been discovered.

How often is this article updated?

The article is updated for accuracy monthly and was last updated in April, 2021.


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