Best Retractable Screen Doors Reviews & Buying Guide

Want to make your home both more comfortable and safer for your family?  Looking to put new screens in your doors?  You can install new screen doors yourself, with very little effort.  The very best retractable screen doors on the market, including double screen doors, are reviewed here, to enable you to make the right decision for your family.

Screen doors enable you to seamlessly blend your outside and inside areas extending your living space easily and giving more versatility to your property.

Fitting a retractable screen door is a simple home-improvement that can be undertaken by any homeowner to improve the property.

Comparison of  10 Popular Retractable Screen door

ODL BRISA PREMIUM RETRACTABLE SCREEN3 x 36 x 81.4 inches20.2 pounds
PULL-DOWN RETRACTABLE SCREEN DOOR. 25” BLACK.96 x 36.1 x 3 inches4.2 pounds
Casper Retractable Double Door Screen (White)N/AN/A
GREENWEB RETRACTABLE SCREEN DOOR.40 x 1 x 84 inches9.85 pounds
C.R. LAURENCE ES88BRZ CRL 6 x 6 x 6 inches1 pounds
LARSON E100033981 WHITE SGL5 x 4.4 x 85 inches13 pounds
CRL 98" White Retractable Screen Door KitsN/AN/A
Casper Retractable Single Door Screen (White)N/A20 pounds

What is a Retractable Screen door?

Retractable screens are protective screens that can retract into the housing when not in use.  When the door is open the screen can be unrolled to offer protection against flying or crawling insects and debris whilst allowing you to enjoy good airflow and natural ventilation.  Screen door reviews show that the installation of retractable doors offers many benefits without the inconvenience of a permanent fixing.

Retractable Screen Door Housings

retractable screen doorAll good retractable doors and double screen doors can be retrofitted to both door or window frames easily.  The retractable screen door housings fit within or around your existing door frame in an unobtrusive manner, they can be either side or top fitting depending on the design that best meets your need. Screen Doors are available for any size door opening.

Screen Doors come with a variety of closing mechanisms.  There are a variety of handles to suit your needs, and they can be installed at either the side of the door or at the top of the door.  It is important to consider your needs before deciding which screen doors to purchase.

How to install a retractable screen door:

Installing a retractable screen door is very simple, taking less time than you think.

Interested in fitting your own retractable screen door?

To start to take a look at these retractable screen door reviews, decide on the screen door that will suit your purpose.  There is such a variety within our retractable screen door comparison that one will give the appearance you would like.  Secondly measure the inside of your doorway, along with the longest edge, top, and bottom and on both sides

Top Tip; be precise in your measuring, measure both top bottom and both sides – doors are often not square.

Check that your choice of retractable screen door is available in the size you need.

There is no need for an extensive toolkit, most retractable screen door kits can be installed with an electric drill and an everyday tool selection.

Benefits of Retractable Screen Door;

The most obvious benefit with a retractable screen door comparison with a fixed screen door is that the retractable door is stored within the cassette when not in use;

  • Keep clean as they are stored retracted.
  • Retractable screens have a longer life than fixed screens as they are retracted when not in use.
  • It’s do not have to be removed and stored, they can be retracted and left in-situ.
  • It make it easy to screen any door, whether inward or outward opening.
  • There is less banging than with a fixed screen door, they are out of the way when not in use.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Functional as well as decorative.
  • Keep your home naturally cool.

Retractable doors also offer all the benefits of a fixed screen door;

  • When a retractable screen door is fitted the view can be enjoyed through the open door.
  • Retractable screens offer protection from insects or debris.
  • Airflow is maintained with it.
  • Double screen doors are available for French doors.
  • Customizable to your needs and door size.

Benefits of Retractable Screen DoorIn these retractable screen door comparisons, we have looked at the screen doors on the market and checked them for size, installation type and ease of installation.   These retractable screen door reviews will enable you to make an informed decision for your purchase and ensure that you get the best value for money.

Top 10 Best Retractable Screen Doors Reviews

The editor panel undertook extensive research to bring to you the information in one place to both guides and inform your purchase of a retractable screen door.  These are the best screen doors in our retractable screen door comparison.


01. Pull-Down Retractable Screen Door. 25” Black.

A small unit that pulls down from above eye-level so doesn’t obstruct the door in any way when retracted.  Easy to install, installation takes just four wood screws.  Pulled down by a foot operated bar – no need to bed down.  Pre-built to size, so no cutting or adjusting necessary.  Easy to remove out of season and store.  Choice of two screen colors;  all charcoal or white and charcoal.  Available for double screen doors.  Weight 42 pounds.

What We Like
  • Lowered by pushing on the bar with foot – no bending.
  • Clutch system for smooth retraction – can be adjusted.
  • Easy installation.
  • Pre-built to size.
  • Available for double doors.
  • Durable aluminum parts.
  • Easily removable.
  • 105” length provided
What We Don’t Like
  • Screen has to be rolled up to use doorway.
  • Size cannot be adjusted on site.


This is a good basic retractable screen, easy and fast to fit.  Available to order in different widths custom made to fit the door.  Available in two colorways.  The top fitting is particularly excellent for smaller doorways.

02. Greenweb retractable screen door.-for bedroom

This retractable screen door is available from 34 to 40 inches across, and 78 to 84 drop.  It has an aluminum and plastic frame giving excellent longevity and a lack of corrosion.  The pleated screen is visually very good when the screen is open.    Side opening unit suitable for doorways where width would not be an issue.

What We Like
  • Reversible can fit the door with opening either side.
  • Aluminum and plastic framework.
  • 85-pound unit.
  • Easy to install, no specialist knowledge required.
  • Robust unit.
  • Side opening, easy to open and close.
What We Don’t Like
  • Only comes in white.


This is a good quality screen, visually attractive and easy to fit.  The unit is side opening, so perfect for anyone with mobility issues.  The unit is robust and easy to clean.

03. Disappearing, retractable Screen for Porch, Patio, Lanai, Gazebo, Large Windows (up to 84”W and 96”H; Sandstone)

A large unit suitable for a double screen door as it fits up to 16 feet width and 8 feet tall – so great for larger openings.  The item weighs 85 pounds, it is a professional quality retractable screen suitable for domestic and commercial premises.   It is designed to fit double screen doors and is well built and long-lasting.

What We Like
  • Fibreglass mesh.
  • Cassette available in white, adobe or brownstone.
  • Suitable for business use.
  • Top fitted cassette, leaves doorway opening free.
  • Excellent finish.
  • Long lasting.
What We Don’t Like
  • Not suitable for smaller doorways.
  • Only available in US lower 48 states.


An excellent quality retractable screen door to suit double screen doors and larger openings.  A professional looking product with a great finish and a long life once installed.  Top fitted.

04. R. Laurence ES88BRZ CRL Bronze 84” Euro Kit-Best for clearview

Excellent design features – will fit most applications, excellent versatility.  Side fitted sliding door with smooth action and positive connections.  The screen door can be replaced with a new cartridge in case of damage.  It can be fitted to both left and right opening doors.

What We Like
  • Easy glide opening and closing – perfect for the elderly.
  • Versatile fitting.
  • Fits both left and right handed doors.
  • Suitable for windy areas.
  • Aluminum fittings – no corrosion.
  • Handle height location adjustable.
  • 1 pound weight – light to fit.
What We Don’t Like
  • Side opening mounts cassette on doorway.


Perfect unit for the elderly or handicapped.  Handle height can be adjusted to suit, clip closed rather than magnetic closure makes it easy to open.  A good solid screen door versatile and good looking.

05. ODL Brisa Premium Retractable Screen for 80 in. InSwing hinged doors – White

Specifically for 32 inch to 36 inch inswing hinged doorways.  There are only five parts to this unit, and it can be fitted with just a power drill and a screwdriver, making it perfect for anyone with limited DIY knowledge.  No cutting required.

What We Like
  • No cutting required.
  • Easy installation – should take less than an hour.
  • Automatic retraction – button controlled.
  • Smooth movement.
  • Can fit 28 – 31.5” openings.
  • 2 pounds in weight.
  • Side opening.
What We Don’t Like
  • Only available in white.


One of the easiest to fit.  In our best screen door reviews, this was a favorite because of the finish.  White finish goes with most property décor.

06. LARSON E100033981 White SGL-Alternative of Andersen luminaire

A highly durable and easy to fit and use top fitted screen door.  This unit is only available in white, but is nicely finished and will look good on any property.  Weight 13 pounds for unit.

What We Like
  • Self adjusting to fit a variety of openings.
  • Smooth motion.
  • No cut cassette
  • Very good finish
  • 75” bottom track – no trip hazard.
  • Top fitted cassette
What We Don’t Like
  • Cannot be shortened.


Fantastic retractable screen door on quality.  Top fitted and nice and robust.  Smooth action and easily controlled to bring up and down.

07. CRL 98” White Kits.for french doors

This offers excellent quality and good value for money with a premium product.  Fits up to 38” wide doors (965m).  Fits both in and out-swinging doors.  Similar to the C R LAURENCE 84” but suitable for wider doorways.

What We Like
  • Fits up to 38” wide doorways.
  • Unique design features.
  • Aluminum construction.
  • Charcoal fiberglass wire screen.
  • Replaceable screen cartridge.
  • Non-handed can be changed for left or right opening doors.
  • Can be mounted either inside or outside to accommodate both in-swinging and out-swinging doors.
  • Can be cut to size on site.
What We Don’t Like
  • Only available in white.


A good solution for the wider doorway.  Adjustable on site, and easy to install with good support and a replaceable screen cartridge.

08. Double Door Retractable Door Screen up to 82” tall and 72” wide.

One of the best screen door reviews – this unit is suitable for a large double patio door.  It is custom built to your measurements for a very reasonable cost.  Teflon and powder coated extruded aluminum frame giving a very smooth operation with an excellent finish.

What We Like
  • Perfect for larger openings.
  • Six colorways available.
  • No center post necessary.
  • Not spring loaded – screen remains where placed.
  • Can be fitted to a slanted threshold.
  • Bottom guide can have ramped adaptor fitted to ensure no trip hazard.
What We Don’t Like
  • Slightly longer delivery window.
  • Technical installation


A more professional finished product.  This would be suitable for anyone with a good DIY background rather than a professional.  A good robust product, well-made in the USA.

09. Casper Retractable Double Door Screen (White)-for pets

An excellent retractable double door screen.  Can extend to 100” x 100” square door openings.  Easy to install using just a power drill.  Magnetic closures providing a firm and constant hold.  Can be used on both in and out-swinging doors.  Custom made for your door.

What We Like
  • Custom made to size.
  • Can fit in and out-swinging doors.
  • Rubberised magnetic closure.
  • Easy to install with good clear directions.
  • Good smooth action.
  • Suitable for all double-door openings.
What We Don’t Like
  • Only available in white finish.


A good all-round product offering larger area screening with an excellent smooth movement and secure closure.  Easy to fit.

10. Casper Retractable single screen door (white)

All of the class of a Casper retractable screen door in a single size.  This unit can be fitted to a door u to 100” tall and 60” wide.  Excellent design features mean easy fitting with just a power drill.  Suitable for any correctly sized door opening.

What We Like
  • Can fit into both in and out-swinging door installations.
  • Rubberised magnetic strip attachments.
  • Mounted inside the existing framework.
  • Excellent smooth motion – easy close and easy open.
  • Custom made to measure.
What We Don’t Like
  • Only available in white.


A high quality, made to measure and easy to fit unit.  This unit comes highly recommended for single door openings.  Suitable for all uses, including heavy use doorways.  Excellent value for money.

Benefits of buying a retractable screen door:

The installation of a retractable screen door will ensure that they are out of the way when not in use.  Our best ever screen doors reviewed retract out of the way, unlike fixed screen doors.

Having a retractable screen door in place means that you can make sure that your Summer evenings are not spoiled by insects in your property, you can benefit from air flow – saving money on your air conditioning – but without the aggravation of insect invasion.

Our retractable screen door reviews mean that you are able to choose the best screen for your opening, giving you sun protection and privacy.

Do you have patio doors?  The best retractable double door screens have been reviewed for you and come together in the center of the doorway offering you the edge to edge protection and a secure closure.

How to purchase Retractable Screen Door?

Several considerations are vital when purchasing your retractable screen door;

  • Measure the opening you wish to fit the screen over. Measure top and bottom, and both sides – often openings are not square.
  • Decide whether you wish to have a top mounted or side mounted unit. This will depend upon the size of the doorway, and also the ease of use.  For a disabled or elderly person, a side mounted unit often offers easier use.
  • Decide upon any color preferences along with mesh color preference.
  • Review our retractable screen door comparison and see which of the doors will meet your needs.
  • Some are made to measure – ensure that your measurements are accurate.
  • Check installation guidance – many only require an electric drill and a screwdriver.

Retractable Screen Door Facts:

What is the retractable Screen Door?

The retractable screen door is the one that best meets your specific need – there is a variety on the market, the best is shown here in our retractable screen door comparison.  This will help guide and inform your decision.

The installation of a retractable screen door enables air flow and climate control into your property.  It is modern, and they are unobtrusive once fitted, enhancing the look of any property.

The installation of a retractable screen door or a retractable double screen door enables an extension of the internal area of your home through to your outside area.  This increases the living space making seamless living spaces.

The retractable screen door offers clear visibility through the doorway without the intrusion of a permanent structure – when not in use the screen can be rolled away into the unobtrusive and well-designed cassette and there is no issue with wind, noise, or obstruction.

The installation of a retractable security screen offers all homeowners the protection from blown debris and insects – this is particularly important in many areas where there are biting insects.

Where to buy your Retractable Screen Door:

Our editors have sourced the recommended doors for you to make it easier for you to buy with confidence.  Our recommendations are for both home-adjustable and also made-to-measure units.  There are a variety of colors available, and units can be purchased for any size space patio door or doorway.

Why is a retractable screen door necessary:

Do you already have a screen door fitted?

If you do you will understand the benefits but know the trade-off that means with a permanently fixed screen door.  There are always two doors to open, they bang in the wind, often the fit is not perfect leaving gaps at the edges.

A retractable door gives you choice.  It can be retracted when not needed, tidy and out of the way, protected and not subject to weathering.   The units can, in some cases, be easily removed during the winter season, and put back when necessary in the Summer.

You don’t have a screen door fitted?

You will be amazed at how much use you will get from a retractable screen door and the benefits that the installation will bring.  You can leave your door open as soon it warms sufficiently without any insect invasion.  The comfort of being able to leave doors open with the security of the mesh protection is something you will quickly come to take for granted.  It offers protection, screening from people passing by, but offers you fresh air and natural climate control.

What To Consider When Buying Retractable Screen Doors 

Do you know?

There are more than 20 brands out there, with each selling 10+ models/designs of retractable screen doors. So, the confusion that sets in when shopping for yours is inevitable.

Except for one thing:

If you have the complete blueprint of exactly what to consider when buying retractable screen doors. And that’s what I have for you right here.

Even more:

You’ll also understand;


  • How to install your retractable screen door
  • How to clean a retractable screen door
  • And an answer to “do retractable screen doors let in rain or wind


Just what you’re looking for? Yes? Awesome.

Let’s get started with…

The Complete Buying Guide 

So, here are the factors you must ALWAYS consider:


  • High-Quality Build And Material; don’t you? You want high-quality doors you can use for years to come, around your home. And you want them to be everlastingly aesthetic.



I recommend paying special attention to the mesh material and the casing quality. Also, find out the components material and the type of internal mechanism used.

Here’s the good rule of thumb:

Doors with quality material are adaptive to outdoor elements like snow, wind, sun, and rain. They never lose their efficiency, usability, and beauty over the years.

According to experts:

Steel is your best bet for durability, security, easy navigation, and easy repair. Likewise, steel doors with strong magnetic retractable screens retract smoothly and effortlessly.

Another important factor is…


  • Purpose; now listen up. A mosquito-resistant-branded retractable screen door is not the same as one for big critters.


So now:

Before setting out to shop, make the decision and be specific about what you’re looking for. Also, if you have a pet, you should be gunning for a pet-adaptive branded design.

To be sure:

You can either read the descriptions on the listing page if you’re shopping online. Or just call the manufacturer to request a model made for your needs.


  • Finishing Quality; very important. The quality of a door’s finishing speaks a lot. That’s why I always recommend UV-resistant branded models.


Here’s why:

Retractable doors with UV-resistant nylon coating do not fade or decolorize in the face of heatwaves. Likewise, quality powder coating is protective against outside elements.

Another thing…


  • Color and pattern matter; now this is up to you. But it’s always best to choose colors that blend with both your interior and outdoor outlook.



Though I always recommend plain designs without the pattern. But if you’re excited about the trend, chose only the pattern that matches your interior decor.



  • Trustworthy And Reliable Manufacturer; yes. Always make sure you’re buying from the right person to avoid stories that touch.


But how do you know?

Well…trustworthy manufacturers cover your purchase with a refund/replacement warranty. And they have backing reviews of fast deliveries and satisfaction from previous buyers.

And that’s just it.

Mowing on…

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying The Best Retractable Screen Door

So, as promised:

Let me start with answering the question…

How Do You Install Retractable Screen Doors?

Know this first:

If you’re not a DIYer or never a hobbyist who has had tens of experience with similar projects, don’t pull this off. You should rather let an expert install your door.

Otherwise, follow these simple steps to install a single standard retractable screen door:


  • STEP 1; measure the distance between the two edges of your door opening
  • STEP 2; add or install blockings for adequate lower supports if your door has short sills
  • STEP 3; open your screen kit
  • STEP 4; bring out the upper and lower tracks and the two sides housing units
  • STEP 5; place these 4 parts on the ground, arrange them to form a square screen frame
  • STEP 6; assemble the 4 parts together using the included sill plate assembly
  • STEP 7; make sure to leave the connections loose for easy fastening of the flush casing
  • STEP 8; position the screen housing on the side of the door where the door hinge is
  • STEP 9; locate the location tab arrow mark on the housing
  • STEP 10; let the arrow guide you as you align the notched ends of the tracks to the first housing
  • STEP 11; slide in the sill plate assembly bead to the bottom rack groove and push in the 2 plastic sill extenders right into the sill plate
  • STEP 12; insert the tracks’ flat ends to the second housing to make a complete rectangular solid frame
  • STEP 13; tilt this setup into place by extending the housings left and right until its well-positioned
  • STEP 14; find the screws in your kit and screw this setup in position
  • STEP 15; slide the screen smoothly along the tracks and you’re good.



How Do You Clean Retractable Doors?

These are the cleaning tools you need:


  • Towels
  • Buckets
  • Vacuum
  • Sponge
  • Washing solution


Now, follow my lead;


  • STEP 1; remove the screen
  • STEP 2; vacuum-clean the screen to remove dust and other loose stains
  • STEP 3; prepare water of washing solution in a bucket
  • STEP 4; dip your sponge in the washing solution and wash the screen
  • STEP 5; rinse your screen with a bucket of clean water
  • STEP 6; dry the screen with dry towels
  • STEP 7; repeat the process for the actual door without removing it



Do Retractable Screen Doors Allow In Rain Or Wind?


Basically, the answer is no. a quality retractable screen door should never let in rain, winds, or snow. But some poorly designed models do. My buying guide will help you to avoid them.

And that’s it:

Retractable screen doors are essential home components for the best ventilation and protection. They are especially a must to install to keep out bugs and mosquitoes while letting in a cool, calm breeze in hot summer.


Finding a functional, durable, and user-friendly one can be daunting. But when you follow my guide above, you’re sure to spend your money right.


If you have further questions or thoughts to share, use the comments below and I will be in touch.

Final Verdict

This is an up to date list of the best retractable screen doors on the market right now. These retractable screen door reviews will be kept up to date by the editor whenever a new and better product is launched. Nobody would be disappointed with any of the products on this list and they all have specific and distinct benefits for different size doorways.

How often is this article updated?

The article is updated for accuracy monthly and was last updated in April, 2021.

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