How to Hang a Wreath on a Screen Door

Want to hang a Christmas wreath?  Halloween decorations?  Having a screen door doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate the festivals and have a wreath on your door – without causing damage to the screen door.  It goes without saying, but we will anyway, that the heavier the wreath, the more difficult to hang safely and securely.  There is a wide range of wreaths on the market for just about every event, so shop carefully, or make one yourself, with thought given to the hanging of the wreath on the door once you have it home.

Here we take a look at how to hang a wreath onto your screen door without damaging the door.  Of course, given that generally wreaths are hung in the cooler seasons, you could just hang it onto your main door and not use the screen door for the duration – or you may have sufficient gap between your screen door and your house door to close the screen with the wreath in place?  Think it through – of course, if you have a retractable screen door fitted it won’t work, we are talking about a fixed screen door here!

The following products will give you a solution to all of your wreath hanging problems whether over a screen, a wooden door, or a storm door:

Wreath Hanger

An over the door wreath hanger, with an adjustable length (16.5 to 25 inches), will be a great solution without having to drill or attach anything to the door.

The following door hanger takes up to 20lbs in weight, so will carry quite the substantial wreath, and can just be lifted off at the end of the season.  You need to have sufficient clearance though at the top of the door to be able to close it and lock it securely with the wreath hanger in place.  The door must be less than 1.8 inches thick.



You can, as long as you have a light enough wreath you can suspect from matching ribbon, using whatever colorway is on the wreath, take the ribbon to the top of the door and either fasten securely to the top of the door using tape (if a screen door) or tacks (if wooden).  For your screen door if it’s fixed you may be able to tape it to the frame on the inside so that it opens and closes smoothly.



Adhesive Hooks

Adhesive Hooks come in all sorts of shapes and sizes – you need to be attaching these to the door stiles rather than the screen mesh of course – but some can hold a considerable weight, again you may wish to hang the hook upside down on the inside, and take the ribbon over the door (or fishing line/filament) and suspect from the inside over the door.


Suction hooks

These will work in much the same way as the adhesive hooks and hold up to 22lbs in weight!  As long as they are securely attached and we recommend the inside of the door rather than the outside, then you should have no issues with a lightweight wreath.


Hanging a wreath on a fixed screen door is possible without damaging the door.  Think about where you are attaching the wreath to on the screen door, it needs to be a fixed point and to open and close with the door – you could attach it to the door frame at the top, or even the wall above the door, but you would have to duck every time you went in and out!


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