How to Install a Retractable Screen Door

If you are looking to learn how to Install a Retractable Screen Door follow the step by step guide given below.  Retractable screen doors offer all the benefits of having a screen door on your outside doorway, but with the added appeal that when it is not in use it can be retracted.

Retractable Screen doors can be fitted with very little effort and with the minimum of specialist knowledge.  It is easy to achieve home improvement, that adds value and quality of life for any home-owner looking to improve their property.  The screen is housed in a cassette mounted on the frame and runs in the track that is fitted to the existing doorway.

Retractable screen doors can easily be retrofitted to both door or window frames.  The housings fit within, or around, your existing frame in an unobtrusive manner, the screens can be either top or side fitting depending on the design that best meets your need.

How to install a retractable screen door:

The installation of a retractable screen door will take you less time than you think and needs no prior or specialised knowledge.

Top Tip

Be precise when you measure up to order your door.  Make sure that you measure the inside at both tops, bottom, and both sides – doors are often not square and you need to be able to fit the door you buy!  If the door jamb is out then you need to fix that first.

Tools needed:

  • A Power drill.
  • A Hacksaw.
  • A Screwdriver.
  • A level.
  • A pencil for marking up.
  • The Screen Door that you have chosen – everything you need should be in this kit.

The installation of a Retractable Screen Door.

The door you choose will come with a set of manufacturer’s fitting instructions.  Obviously, these need following because all doors vary slightly, and a side fitting door requires a slightly different approach to a top mounted cassette.  To enable you to decide whether it is a job you can confidently tackle though here are the basics:

  1. Trim the cassette and screen to fit. Using the hacksaw cut the cassette if necessary to by 1/8 less than the width of your doorway.  Having measured carefully – of course – this should be a small adjustment.
  2. Put the plastic end caps back onto the cassette – and the handle onto the screen.
  3. Screw the mounting clips for the cassette onto the doorway – measure exactly where they need to go and mark with a pencil before mounting.
  4. Mount the screen cassette onto the mounting clips – and mark the location onto the door jamb. For a top mounted retractable screen door, which is the most common, this is the bottom of the cassette.
  5. Cut the two side tracks so that they go from the bottom of the door jamb to the base of the cassette. Slip them under the side of the cassette and affix to the door jamb.
  6. Secure with the screws provided as advised by the manufacturer – these will guide the screen up and down so need to be completely upright, use a level if necessary.
  7. Roll the screen up and down and check that it secures at the bottom of the tracking. This should retain tension and not be loose when opened, most retractable screen doors have adjustable tension if you take the cassette down and open it up.

Hopefully looking at how to install a retractable screen door in detail has given you the confidence to have a go at installing one at your property.  The installation of a retractable screen door is not difficult, the manufacturer’s instructions will be comprehensive and it does not require any specialised tools.





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